Programming is an essential part of project design. A successful program addresses the project needs and reconciles square footage availability with overall square footage requirement for the project. This process allows the user to understand the project scope’s associated square footage requirements and budgetary cost prior to the commencement of the project design. With our extensive experience in programming, we also provide consulting services to other entities within the industry.

Feasibility Studies

We provide feasibility studies for existing or new facilities, including land use studies on undeveloped land. As part of these services we explore options for site development. If the project requires involvement of outside consultation, such as environmental assessments, wet land zoning, traffic studies, and developmental costs, we assist clients in the selection of appropriate consultants based on project requirements.


Our firm has extensive experience and expertise in the design of healthcare, housing, commercial, and public spaces. Nonetheless, we always welcome the opportunity to work on unique projects that require special attention to design. Each project we have developed from inception to completion has been unique in its aims, budget constraints and preexisting site conditions. Our approach to design and execution has resulted in spaces with superior functionality that has been well received by our clients and the public alike. We believe this is made possible by our careful attention to research and development, as well as our commitment to understanding the needs of our clients.

Interior Design

Interior design is an integral part of a successful design projects. We participate in the interior design process for the majority of our projects, utilizing our understanding of functional layout design, integration of equipment, and infection control issues with health care facilities. Creating tenant build out spaces for health care and commercial environments are also within the realm of our services.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a concept key to the future of contemporary design. For the last two decades, LDA has been committed to all aspects of green design, considering important factors such as proper solar orientation, minimal disturbances to the site and vegetation, and the creation of an energy-efficient building envelope. Given the importance of green building design, we strive to identify sustainable building material choices for our clients. We are experienced with incorporating materials composed of recycled contents with low associated emissions, as well as efficient lighting products and HVAC systems. We strive to provide environmentally sensitive materials and systems for our projects, and always maintain an up-to-date knowledge of newest and most energy-efficient materials.

Urban Design

Large scale, high density projects require design expertise from various fields in order to achieve optimal results in terms of design, energy use, efficient building envelope and more. We maintain long term relationships with experienced consultants from a diverse array of fields, allowing us to fully participate in putting together a team of experts to fit the needs of your specific project. We remain open to partnering with consultants with whom we have not worked with previously, as recommended by the client, in order to bring the project to fruition and meet all aims and expectations. The principal of the firm is actively involved in each project. He has a formal education in Urban Design with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Design from University of Illinois. He has been involved in various large scale developments which relate to mix use, retirement, community, healthcare, and commercial developments.