Shepard Road Development

St. Paul, Minnesota

This 55 acre site adjoins Interstate 35 West, in St. Paul Minnesota. The prospective buyer of the property wanted to explore development opportunities the site had to offer and thus initiated a feasibility study prior to the purchase of the property. The St. Paul & Pacific rail road line divided the property into half. Similarly on the south east about five acre of site split from rest of the land by Shepard Road.

The existing conditions necessitated that the site be divided into different uses based on the given constraints. Four land use recommendations were given these were Shopping, Housing, Religious/Assembly and Commercial/Recreational. The Shopping Center provides a total of 100,000 sq. ft of retail space with 65,000 sq. ft of space for an anchor store and 35.000 sq. ft for small stores. In total 4,000 parking spaces were provided for the shopping area. A senior housing complex is placed on the south of the property with access from Shepherd Road. The housing complex consists of 225 housing units comprising of one, two and three bedroom apartments. The complex is linked to a community center by an interior corridor. The community center includes administration, recreational activity areas such as arts, crafts, card room, club rooms, dining hall and central kitchen.

The church complex accommodates 10,000 sq, ft with 120 parking spaces and a sanctuary that seats 200. The five acre lot adjoining the Mississippi River accommodates a Marina with boat slips, and restaurant that seats 80. This portion of the lot is connected to the housing complex through an underground tunnel eliminating the need to cross Shepard road for access.

Because of the site constraints it was suggested that additional funds be expended to create a green buffer at the railroad track for noise control, triple glazing for windows, and vibration pads for the housing foundations.