Shady Grove Fertility

Towson, Maryland

Shady Grove Fertility wanted to relocate from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center to an environment which did not resemble an institutional setting. The Dulaney Center business complex provided such opportunity to locate their offices and the ASC (ambulatory surgery center). Initially, LDA provided the feasibility study. Later, LDA provided programming and planning for the Ambulatory Surgery Center, inclusive of the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and Andrology Lab. To accommodate the program requirement, it necessitated that the existing exit corridor for the high rise complex need to be reconfigured. Because of the space constraints, the program also needed to be subdivided into east and west wing at the 1st floor of the eight story building complex.

The east wing accommodates the reception, waiting, HSG (hysterosalpingogram) room, and nursing sub-station, along with the stretcher holding area. The staff lounge was also accommodated in the west wing. The east wing accommodates transfer rooms, doctor’s offices, and nursing administration with all the ancillary support functions. The IVF and Andrology Lab are also accommodated on the east side with LN2 (liquid nitrogen) Room and staff offices. The ‘B’ classified OR Room is contiguous to the IVF Andrology Lab and is equipped with a nurse’s station and 4 recovery beds. Inspite of constraints of limited space, the program functions efficiently.