Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex Addition

Landover, Maryland

Recently completed 200,000 sq. ft. facility needed additional amenities in the service areas at the rear of the building, which comprised of service docks, maintenance storage, and a central kitchen. The main floor also needed classrooms, media and instruction areas, and vertical transportation for bringing food into the conference center.

A 22,000 sq. ft. addition to the newly completed Sports Complex fulfilled the needed functional requirements. Now the facility has efficient food distribution for events, and classrooms for computer and general instructions.

The interior spaces in the administrative areas are remodeled to provide additional administrative, waiting, lobby and vending areas. The scope of work also includes accommodation of additional storage areas within existing spaces.

The exterior character of the building is compatible to the existing structure, and compliments the use of materials such as concrete split block face, curtain wall windows and exterior insulation finish system.