Prince George's Hospital Center Helipad Addition

Cheverly, Maryland

Prior to the design and construction of the Helipad, Laurel Design Alliance, Inc. (LDA) completed the feasibility study for nine sites on the hospital campus to study various possible locations for the placement of the Helipad. The site selection process involved the ease of transportation of patients and reducing the noise pollution from residential neighborhoods in proximity to the hospital. The 68' x 68' Helipad is located on the 10th floor of the existing hospital, building. Prior to start of the design LDA and their structural consultants investigated whether the poured in place concrete framed structure of the existing building was capable of taking the additional load of the Helipad.

The scope of work also involved the extension of two banks of elevator with a new machine room and the construction of a new lobby for patient delivery to the emergency trauma center. The project was built with minimal disruption to the hospital's activities and operation. The project was completed in November 1999.The construction of helipad reduced considerable amount of noise and vibrations to surrounding houses when helipad was located on the ground.