MedPeds, LLC - Medical Office

Laurel, Maryland

LDA was retained by MedPeds, LLC to provide programming and design services for an additional 3,000 square feet of space they acquired across the lobby from their suite. At the same time, there was a cardiac care practitioner who also had acquired 3,000 square feet of space contiguous to newly acquired MedPeds, LLC space. LDA advised MedPeds, LLC to negotiate with the cardiac care practitioner to exchange their present space with this newly acquired space so that MedPeds, LLC could have 6,000 square feet of contiguous space for their practices providing efficiency in staffing and the patient care. This exchange of space between MedPeds, LLC and the cardiac care practitioner was realized in a very functional and efficient plan for MedPeds, LLC.

LDA designed this 6,000 square feet of contiguous space, which accommodated the spacious waiting area, reception area, and 21 exam rooms, and two nurse’s stations. The exam rooms are subdivided by creating the South and East Wing so that patients can be directed to individual wings with independent nursing stations. This resulted in a well-managed distribution of patient load. The staff and practitioners entrance was created independent of patient entrance with staff lounge, lockers, and practitioner’s offices. The new facility provides better patient care, efficiency in operation, and better circulation within their office spaces. The facility fulfills all the functional requirements efficiently.