Logic Tree Corporation Offices

Bowie, Maryland

LDA provided programming, schematic design, and construction documentation services to Logic Tree Corporation, a software development firm having a staff of 30.

The office layout was designed with minimal enclosed office spaces, with an emphasis on providing an open office concept with low partitions and diffused fluorescent light fixtures so as to have a glare free work environment. The offices, conference rooms, and ancillary support area spaces are placed on the periphery of the space so as to maximize the “open-space” feel in the middle. The mechanical system comprise of single wall spiral duct, suspended below the existing joist space with eccentric connections and round diffusers.

The interior details, such as concealed window frames and cased openings to the offices instead of regular doors, provided a friendlier open environment in areas where privacy and noise control was not an issue. The pastel blue and green corporate logo colors of Logic Tree Corporation are used as a theme for the interior design. An abundance of conference rooms in proximity to work areas provides incentive for informal gatherings among staff for project reviews, discussion, and 'brain storming' sessions which is conducive for a research oriented information technology organization.