Greenway Village Complex

Greenbelt, Maryland

The existing Greenway Village apartment complex was built in the year 1966 and is located in the city of Greenbelt. The 15 acre site is located on prime real estate and consists of 360 one, two and three bed room apartments.

Because of its prime location and increasing demand for housing around the Washington D.C. area, there are opportunities to increase the densities on these prime sites because some of the municipalities are willing to provide variances for the additional densities. Asher Investments the owner of the property asked LDA to develop concepts around three possible options. The first was to renovate and improve the existing apartments and demolish the existing community center and design a new community center along with clusters of new town homes to provide curb appeal for the complex. The second option was to demolish the entire complex and build new town houses in their place. The third option was to accommodate additional maximum density mid rise housing on the site which increased the number of apartment units to 550 units and the number of parking spaces to 900. This option also provided additional green spaces on the complex.